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  1. E 'Akahai
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An Hawaiian chant in modern form by Kawaikapuokalani Hewett - How to live your life through the five acronyms for the word aloha: ‘akahai – unassuming; lokahi – unity; ‘oia’i’o– truthfulness; ha’aha’a – humbleness; ahonui – patience and perseverance. Live in anger and fear, there is no love and no life; live in love and aloha, it creates life and healing.


E ‘akahai e na Hawai’i
E lokahi I ke mana kahi kolu
‘Oia’i’o kou kulani
E ha’aha’a i ke alo o ke Akua
E ahonui
O ke aloha ka mea i ho’ola ai

Be unassuming, which allows us to keep learning more and keep growing.

Be at one/unity with the three parts of the self - Body/Mind/Spirit - past/present/future.
We are aware that it is all one.

Stand tall in your own truth.

Be humble in the presence of God’s many forms. We are all great. Be strong, but don’t think
that you are stronger or better then anyone else.

Always have patience, fortitude and strength in our knowing that it all is going to work out

Aloha – the thing that brings a healthy life and healing.