The Art of Forgiving Introductory Workshop
  • The Art of Forgiving Introductory Workshop
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5 Steps to Freeing Yourself of Anger, Guilt and Resentment

This is an introductory Workshop to a step by step system created by Rev. Kaleo Wheeler that draws from one of the most valued practices of the Hawaiian culture that goes back to their ancient times and is still used in Hawai'i today. Ho'oponopono, which means "to make right". The simple and practical techniques shared in this workshop can help you to free yourself of anger, resentment and guilt, to live your life instead in a place of grace, harmony and well being and find peaceful resolution of conflict in your relationships.

Topics Covered: Hawaiian Forgiveness and the Three Transgressions Forgiving the Forgivable and the Unforgivable Freeing Yourself - to Being in Harmony (Pono) and Well Being with Yourself and the World Around You

Taught by Rev. Kaleo Wheeler

All you need to bring is yourself and an open mind

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