Creating Spiritual Partnerships through Loving Actions


 Do you hesitate to speak up for yourself, afraid of the consequences? 

Do you feel lost in doubt, frustration and insecurity? 

Are you experiencing misunderstanding and hurt feelings in your relationships?


 Imagine connecting and tapping into your Inner Essence, the Spirit that is within you, Your Authentic Self, the Breath of Your life, the Voice of Your Soul.      

 When you come from that place within yourself,  you then communicate with others in a way that makes you more happy and successful in your relationships. 

Spiritual Partnership, also called "Applied Spirituality",  is based on the simple idea that if you behave in a spiritual way yourself by focusing on your own internal growth rather than on trying to "fix" your relationship or your partner; then you, your partner, and your relationship will be both happier and stronger.  

Spiritual Partnership is what the ancient Hawaiians call Living Aloha.  It is a simple system they created thousands of years ago to help them to survive living on one of the most isolated group of islands on the planet.  Living Aloha embraces living in authentic kindness and love for oneself, your family and you loved ones and and the land and environment around you.  It is Spiritual Partnership through Loving Actions. 

Kaleo Wheeler has created a step-by-step system to help women to create Spiritual Partnerships through Loving Actions in all their relationships, with the foundation being Living Aloha with the 7 Guidelines of Hawaiian Huna and the 8 Loving Actions from the work of Susan Page. 

kahai - to be unassuming
Lokahi - to be in harmony
Oia'i'o -  to be truthful yet pleasant 
Ha'aha'a - to be humble
Ahonui - to be patient and perseverant

The 7 Guidelines of Huna
1. The World is What You Think It is
2. There Are No Limits
3. Energy Flows Where Attention Goes
4. Now Is The Moment of Power
5. To Love Is To Be Happy With
6. All Power Comes From Within
7. Effectiveness Is the Measure of Truth

The 8 Loving Actions
1. Adopt a Spirit of Good Will
2. Give Up Problem Solving
3. Act as If
4. Practice Restraint
5. Balance Giving and Taking
6. Act on Your Own
7. Practice Acceptance
8. Practice Compassion


It is moving past the tired advice of "communicate better" and beyond the stuck places in your relationships.  Instead, experience a new feeling of stability and joy in focusing on your own spiritual journey and not on fixing your relationships.  Creating Spiritual Partnerships is a spiritual discipline, like meditating and fasting. It might not be easy or feel natural at first.  it is an experiment in trying new behaviors to see what happens, and a commitment to yourself.  When you commit yourself fully, the universe will support you in ways you can not anticipate before you made the commitment.   

When we come from our most loving and highest self, magic happens.        
Harmony is restored in all our relationships—our Heart, Mind & Spirit, the Human Family and the Sacred Land.   

Benefits you will receive:    

  • a new consciousness, in communicating with others from your inner spirit and wisdom    
  • the confidence and self-assurance to express yourself with openness, honesty and humility    
  • feeling more respected and supported
  • the ability to resolve conflicts within yourself and with others with ease, compassion and forgiveness   
  •  the tools to put unresolved issues from the past behind you, be totally in the present moment and excited about the future.  
  • be happier and more successful as a couple and in all your relationships 

"Kaleo is an incredible guide and a true inspiration for how to help women to find our way back Home to Ourselves through these wonderfully rich cultures and traditions to gracefully live the life we want. The Coming home to Yourself 12-week program has been life changing for me with steps and system being so simple and practical to work with."                                                                                                                                                                            -A. Green  

Katy Fischer expressing her Spiritual Partnership with the place and land where she grew up

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Bless the Present - Trust Yourself - Expect the Best

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