Hula, The Dance of the Heart
for Adolescents and Young Women
Helping young women feel more confident in themselves and  improve their self body image and confidence in how they move and interact with others in their world 

Hula is:

  • like a breath of life that helps us to deepen our understanding of ourselves
  • the  heartbeat of an ancient culture that is all about maintaining the harmony of the family and caring for each other
  • ancient storytelling through the flowing movements of the hands and body

The basic movements are simple and not stressful to the body.  No dance experience is necessary. Each participant dances at the level comfortable for them, either standing or sitting; and it is appropriate for any age.  

They are very experiential; and depending on the age of the students, can include:
  • learning about the Hawaiian tradition
  • learning the basic hula steps 
  • learning how to "talk story", through descriptive hand gestures and rhythmic movements of their body
  • learning  simple hula that encourage the student to be creative in how they express through the movements 
  • Have fun, enjoying the social interaction with others as they share hula together
Mother/Daughter Hula Workshops are also offered.  A wonderful way to bring you and your daughter closer together. 
Summer Camps - Learning Hula, the Dance of the Heart, are also available as a 5-day program with a one-hour class per day. 

Classes are taught by Kaleo Wheeler, Hula Instructor and Practitioner.  They are held at the River House at the Glendale Shoals in East Spartanburg. 
Kaleo is also an Artist-in-Resident through the SC Arts Commission, sharing programs in Hawaiian Culture through Hula in the schools systems throughout SC.


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