Balancing Heart, Mind & Spirit



When we come from our heart and our highest and most loving self, magic happens.

Harmony is restored in all our relationships - with our Heart, Mind & Spirit, the Human Family and the Sacred Land.


Many women today still experience:   

  • a world of assumptions, presumptions and lack of respect for our visions and dreams from others, making us feel small, insignificant and in doubt of our true inner essence as the incredible and empowered being we know ourselves to be.  
  • always second-guessing and shapeshifting ourselves to what others want to be loved and accepted  
  • getting lost in the ‘rac-a-rac-a-rue” of our minds, losing touch with the Voice of our Heart and losing pleasure from seeing, hearing, doing, feeling and imagining what we like and see ourselves doing in our lives  
  • being in relationships over and over that are filled with feelings of separation, conflict and criticism instead of loving kindness, compassion, praise and forgiveness 

Kaleo Wheeler offers an integrated system to help women connect to their inner essence and authentic self, and to then express that in a loving and compassionate way to their loved ones and the world around them.    The simple and practical techniques and tools used are a blend of the ancient indigenous and spiritual traditions, especially the ancient Hawaiian, with several modern body/mind techniques to create harmony and peace within yourself and spiritual partnerships with others.  

Living Aloha
The Hawaiian Way of the Heart

A system the Hawaiian people created to live in authentic kindness, compassion and love for oneself, your family and loved ones, and the land and environment around you. The Hawaiian Islands are one of the most isolated group of islands on the planet; and to survive, they had to find a way thousands of years ago to resolve conflict easily and maintain harmony to live in a peaceful and joyful coexistence.   We are so fortunate that they,  as other indigenous peoples,  are now sharing some of this knowledge, especially their Ha'a Hula, with those of us who are not Hawaiians at a time when it is so needed. 

“Come forward, be in unity and harmony with your real self, God and mankind.  Be honest, truthful, patient, kind to all life forms, and humble.,,,to the Hawaiians of old Aloha meant  "God in us” 
- Kahuna David Bray

Connecting to Your Divine Feminine
through Ceremony and the Lunar Cycle

“The Divine Feminine is:   
Our Feelings... Our Insights...
Our Ideas... Our Intuitive Self...  
Our Hidden Dreams… 
Our Creative Self Unique to each of us” 

For Indigenous traditions, Spirituality is a way of life, with Ceremony an essential part of it.   Living by the Lunar Cycle and grounding it in Ceremony is a powerful way for women to remember and reconnect to the Divine Feminine within them.  We stand together in the collective energy of the group, while having a very personal and individual experience.

“In embracing the Divine Feminine and bringing it into harmony with the Divine Masculine, starting with the women, we will find harmony and peace for our world.”       -Oh Shinnah Fastwolf, Native American Elder 

Spiritual Partnerships 
also called "Applied Spirituality" 

Spiritual Partnership is based on the simple idea that if you behave in a spiritual way yourself by focusing on your own internal growth rather than on trying to "fix" your relationship or your partner; then you, your partner, and your relationship will be both happier and stronger. 

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A Women's Sacred Journey is offered in workshops, classes and in private sessions  There is also a 12 week one-on-one intensive training in Creating Spiritual Partnerships available.  Group events are held at the River House of Glendale Shoals in Spartanburg SC.  Private sessions and the 12-week program are in person at the River House or on Skype.  

 If you would like to schedule a private session or a workshop for your group, Contact us.  

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