Happy Hour Hula

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Anytime Fitness, 1040 Fernwood Glendale Road, Spartanburg SC

Unwind From Your Week & Be Ready to Fully Enjoy Your Weekend

A Different Way to Exercise and Unwind That Is Creative & Fun

Hawaiian Hula has long been admired for its grace and beauty Few realize that it is also a great yet gentle workout, blending the graceful movements of Hula into a unique fitness program will improve your strength, flexibility and balance both physical and spiritual.

A low-impact exercise for the whole body, and especially for hips, legs, knees and arms.  

Hula is Hawaiian Storytelling and anyone can do it, either standing or sitting Medical studies are showing the therapeutic benefits of hula

You may arrive for Happy Hour feeling fatigued, or may be a bit frazzled or annoyed with something or someone. By the end of the hour, you will find yourself experiencing a calmness and sense of wellbeing, ready to enjoy your weekend of fun and relaxation.

Fee: An Anytime Fitness member $10 Non-member $15

Hula Instructor, Kaleo Wheeler