Finding Forgiveness


Gracefully Resolve and Release Conflict Within Yourself and With Others.
Using Ho'oponopono
An Ancient Hawaiian Practice "to Make Right"

Do you find yourself in assumptions, misunderstandings and hurt feelings with your loved ones, and don't know how to find resolution?

What if you could resolve conflicts with confidence, ease, compassion and forgiveness? 

The Hawaiian Islands are the most isolated group of islands on the planet.  In ancient times, they had to develop a system for RESOLVING CONFLICT  GRACEFULLY AND PEACEFULLY, called Ho'oponopono, and to LIVE LIFE IN JOY, BLESSING AND GRATITUDE, called Living Aloha, the Way of the Heart, to maintain their survival.  It is a precious resource and blueprint in our modern world that is punctuated by so much stress, chaos and uncertainty.

Ho'oponopono clears energetic attachments that are holding your attention in the past and in a state of reaction from judgment.  Clear the path and live from a place of inspiration and in the flow of abundance.

Living the Aloha Spirit is an integrated system that embraces wholism within ourselves and with the deep core values of inclusivity, responsibility, forgiveness and blessing to maintain the harmony (Pono) of the family and community ("Ohana), knowing that we are all interconnected and that whatever we do to another, we do to ourselves.  

Learn simple and practical techniques that you can use to create more "Heartfull Connections” in all areas of your life - business, home, family & friends, recreation, health and prayer.   

It will help you to maintain harmonious relations with your heart, mind and spirit, the sacred land, and the human family to create the life you want of grace, authenticity and well being.

Reasons to forgive 

1.   We all make mistakes, and we’ve all done things that have hurt other people. 
2.   Holding on to anger is painful, and makes your life much sadder and less fulfilling. 
3.   Withholding forgiveness often creates more drama in your personal life. 
4.   Chances are you would like to be forgiven for your own mistakes.  
5.   Stay angry keeps you stuck in the past, and means you keep reliving the pain again in your mind. 
6.   When we focus on what we don’t like about someone, we attract more of that from them and others
7.   When we forgive others, we attract forgiveness to ourselves 
8.   Chances are, you’d rather be known as someone who forgives and forgets rather than who holds grudges. 
9.   You can’t move onto the good things in life when you were focused on the bad ones. 
10. All people have good in them; no one is 100% bad or 100% good. Especially if you loved this person at some point in time, here she must have at least a few redeeming qualities. 
11. We would all appreciate a little more harmony and peace in our lives. 
12. At the end of the day, we are each responsible for our own happiness. Other people weren’t put on the planet to make us happy. We can choose to focus on the positive, regardless of the actions of others. 
13. You deserve to be happy, no matter what anyone has done to you in the past. 

Starting with the modern form of Ho'oponopono for problem solving that is so popular here on the Mainland, we will be delving deeper in the more original forms of Ho’oponopono for peaceful resolution of conflicts.    Ho'oponopono means "to set things right", "to correct".  It is one of the most important values of the Hawaiian people that goes back to ancient times, and this form of conflict resolution is still being used in Hawai’i today by Hawaiian families.   

“This ancient practice (Ho'oponopono) is one of the soundest methods to restore and maintain good family relationships that any society has ever devised”.
 Let it Hurt - Let it Heal - Let It Go

Finding Forgiveness is offered in workshops, classes, private consultation sessions and a 6-week one-on-one intensive training program.

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Finding Forgiveness, A 4-week Program

Thursdays, August 22 to September 12
6:30pm to 8:30pm     
Fee: $120 before August 19;  $140 after
Location: The River House at the Glendale Shoals, Spartanburg SC

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