through Living Aloha

The Hawaiian Indigenous Way of the Heart

 When we come from our heart and our highest and most loving self - our Authentic Self - magic happens.

Harmony is restored in all our relationships - with our Heart, Mind & Spirit; the Human Family; and the Sacred Land.


Living Aloha, The Way of the Heart

Living Aloha, The Way of the Heart

We, as women, all have a voice, and we need to feel empowered and confident to use it.  Each of our voices are needed, especially with the challenges we are experiencing in the world today, to help create the changes we want to see happen.  And we need to look to each other as sisters, and in Spiritual Partnership together, to support each other. 

    Rev. Kaleo Wheeler offers an integrated system and program to help women Live their Fullest Life and Be Their Authentic Self.   The simple and practical tools and techniques are a blend of ancient indigenous and spiritual traditions, with the Hawaiian Way of the Heart as the Foundation, and with several modern body/mind techniques to create Spiritual Partnerships with our Heart, Mind and Spirit, the sacred land and our human family.  

     Watch this Video for Questions to Ask Yourself

    If you answered "no" to any of the questions, then the Woman Authentic Program can be of help to you. 

     The Woman Authentic™ Program is offered in workshops, classes, private sessions and in a 12-week one-on-one intensive training program.

    Group events are held at the River House at the Glendale Shoals in Spartanburg SC.  Private sessions and the 12-week program are in person at the River House or on Skype.  
    They will also be available in Greenville SC starting in January 2019.

     For more info or to schedule a workshop for your group or event, Contact us.  

     Bless the Present - Trust Yourself - Expect the Best 


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